Parents in China detained for allegedly beating daughter

PHOTO: Screengrab

Parents who allegedly abused their daughter in Shenzhen, South China's Guangdong province, have been detained by local police, according to the city's Bao'an police bureau.

The suspects - Liu, male, 34, and Chen, female, 33 - were filmed beating their eight-year-old daughter at home in September and October in a four-minute clip.

The clip providers - Wang, male, 39 and Zhong, female, 30 - were also questioned in the bureau, Bao'an police said.

Wang, a staff member of an educational institute, is alleged to have acquired illegal account access to video surveillance cameras the girl's father installed at home to watch the child.

The young girl, according to police, has received a thorough examination both physically and psychologically. She is now back at school, police said.

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