Passerby saves driver who reversed car into river, leaves quietly

A passerby saved a female driver who accidentally backed her car into a river last Thursday in Taicang City, east China's Jiangsu Province.

Surveillance footage shows that a white car was trying to back into a parking lot in an automotive parts factory but failed after several attempts.

At around 5pm, the car suddenly picked up speed in reverse and scratched a black car on its right side before rushing into the river.

The river water was more than 3m deep and the car kept sinking down. The female driver climbed out of the car's sunroof and called for help.

An employee of the factory named Li Jiabo was the first to come to her rescue.

"I climbed down the river bank to enter the water, and began to swim forward after they dropped some ropes to me. But in the halfway, when I crossed one-third of the river, I found myself out of strength," said Li.

Not good at swimming, Li not only failed to save the driver, but also got himself in danger.

At that time, a passerby across the river jumped into the water to help them.

The young man first dragged the exhausted Li onto the river bank, then saved the female driver with the help of the crowd.

Seeing the two people safe ashore, the young man left the spot quietly.

"I was not conscious of it at that time. When I realised what had happened, he already left the spot without leaving his name. I only want to find him and express my gratitude to him," said the female driver surnamed Mei.

Mei is also an employee of the factory. She just got her driving licence and the car was bought only one month ago.

The accident occurred because she stepped on the gas pedal in mistake when she tried to step the brake.

Later the identity of the kind-hearted passerby was finally known. He is 27-year-old Huo Junwei.

Local police are going to apply for a Samaritan award for him.