Quirky China: Baby's 'explosive hair' goes viral, 'sleepy' dad lets 12-year-old boy drive

A handout photo. A baby girl's 'explosive' hairstyle delights social media and a boy aged 12 stopped by police behind the wheel of car on an expressway.
PHOTO: South China Morning Post

A video of a baby girl in China with "explosive hair" that looks like the hair of someone who has just been electrocuted - has gone viral.

People online were delighted by the four-month-old girl's hairstyle, describing it as cute, while some said it resembled a sea urchin. Many were curious about how the girl's hair had been styled to achieve the look, Jimu News reported.

The girl's mother, surnamed Qin, said her daughter's hairstyle was naturally occurring and that she has not had a haircut since her birth. Doctors from the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, southern China, where the family lives said the girl was a normal healthy baby.

A handout photo. The baby's mother said her hair is naturally occurring and is not a styled look.
PHOTO: South China Morning Post

"Every time I take my daughter out on the street, the number of double takes at her from pedestrians is quite high," the mother said.

She said there were no plans to change her daughter's hairstyle at present.

"I'll wait and see how her hair will grow when she is a bit older."

'Sleepy' dad fined for letting 12-year-old son drive

Traffic police in China have fined a man 1,000 yuan (S$204) after he let his 12-year-old son drive a car on an expressway for 40km.

Police conducting random vehicle checks on an expressway in Hebei province, northern China, were surprised to find the driver of one car was a boy.

Travelling with the boy were four passengers, including his parents, a six-year-old sibling and his grandfather, the Liaoshen Evening News reported.

The boy's parents said they let him drive their car because he knew how to handle a go-kart.
PHOTO: Weibo 

The boy's father told police he couldn't drive because he felt "sleepy" after having trouble resting the night before. His wife was apparently also sick and unable to drive.

The couple said they trusted their son, who is too young to legally drive or hold a licence, to take the wheel because he was good at playing a driving simulation game and could drive a go-kart.

The boy told the officer it was his first time driving a real car, but said he knew when to brake and how to change lanes on the highway.

Slow officials shamed with 'snail' award

For local officials in mainland China, receiving an award at work is normally a moment to be savoured - unless it's the unflattering "snail award".

The award, which has been handed out for the last few years, is part of an effort to boost the productivity and performance of government officials, the Global Times reported.

Officials receive the 'snail' award in the hope that by shaming them publicly they will improve their work performance.
PHOTO: Baidu 

Recipients usually lower their heads in a show of embarrassment when receiving snail awards on stage at events attended by top regional officials. The award carries a cartoon picture of a snail to remind officials of their low efficiency at serving the public in areas including building new roads and playgrounds, demolishing houses and relocating residents.

The "winners" of the award are chosen based on complaints from members of the public and are then assessed by their superiors. The award can be taken back if the recipient's productivity increases and complaints decline.

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This article was first published in South China Morning Post.