Quirky China: Breaking traffic laws to get divorced, boys return $2,100 found in shared bicycle and a 30kg honeycomb falls through a ceiling

A man drives through highway barriers to get divorced (left) and a student makes sure to return US$1,500 found in a shared bicycle (right).
PHOTO: South China Morning Post

The Chinese internet is poking fun at a couple from eastern China who drove through a barrier on a highway exit ramp because they were rushing home to get divorced before the validity of his Covid-19 test expired.

The man surnamed Yang, and his wife, sitting next to him in the passenger’s seat, used their van to muscle their way through the barriers to return to Yang’s hometown in southern China.

Yang said he was worried that China’s strict Covid-19 testing regime, in which residents must have valid negative Covid-19 tests to travel across the country, would make it impossible for him to return home to divorce his wife.

Stressed out, Yang decided to break the traffic rule and continued driving, reportedly quarrelling with his wife along the way.

They were caught at a later checkpoint when staff there called the local police. Yang was forced to work at the checkpoint for five hours as punishment for breaking the traffic law.

Yang reportedly calmed down during that time and made up with his wife. The couple eventually decided not to get divorced.

The incident entertained the Chinese public on social media. One Weibo user said: “This definitely proved the well-known saying that, ‘Impulse is the devil’.”

Protecting cash to do the right thing

Two students are honoured for returning found cash.
PHOTO: Weibo

Two pupils in eastern China won praise after they insisted on returning 10,000 yuan (S$2,100) to the local police that they had found inside a wallet on a shared bike last Friday.

The unnamed minors from Zhejiang province in eastern China reportedly decided to protect the lost money until the police arrived.

In the online video, a boy in a yellow T-shirt took out the wallet at the police station, opened it and revealed a roll of paper notes fastened with a rubber band.

The mother of one of the students told Henan Media Group: “They said they would not leave the cash unless the police arrived. They would feel very worried if they gave it to anyone besides the police.”

The good deed has attracted widespread applause, with many Weibo users commending their honesty.

One person asked: “What is the parenting style in their families? It must be very decent.”

Honey falls frim heaven

Workers clean up honeycomb that fell through a man’s roof.
PHOTO: Weibo

A 30kg honeycomb fell through the ceiling of a man’s home in eastern China in the middle of the night.

The unnamed man from Jiangsu province said he woke up due to a loud noise coming from his living room. When he opened the door, he found a bulk of the ceiling had been destroyed, and a giant honeycomb was on the floor.

“I saw the room was filled with flying bees, and honey had spilled on the floor,” said the man, who did not know exactly how the honeycomb had fallen through the ceiling.

After cleaning the room, the man said the honey weighed 30kg.

A lot of Weibo users commented that it was a sweet burden, and another mourned the death of the bees. “What a pity that the exterminators killed all the bees with insecticide,” the user wrote.

This article was first published in South China Morning Post.