Quirky China: A dog is 'saved' from his home, a woman is pregnant with octuplets and a haunted house finds buyers

A handout. This week in quirky China, a dog is rescued from a hole after six years and a woman find out she is carrying eight fetuses.
PHOTO: South China Morning Post

A puppy who grew into a dog inside a 50-metre-deep hole in southwest China it fell into six years ago was “saved” by local villagers and trained rescuers on Sunday (Nov 28).

It took the rescuers two weeks to pull the dog out of the makeshift cave, and the project included transporting equipment to a remote mountain in Yunnan province, according to Beijing Youth Daily.

The report said that the dog has managed to survive thanks to the water inside the cave and the leftover food villagers regularly fed it.

Rescuers work to rescue a dog that had been stuck in a hole for six years. 

“It is not yet used to its new environment,” a local villager told the newspaper.

The incident has gone viral on Chinese social media and has been viewed over 220 million times on Weibo.

“I am touched. The dog has such a strong will,” wrote one person.

“I cannot imagine how lonely it must have felt in the cave. I feel so sad about it,” said another.

A woman shows off her ultrasound scans that show she has eight fetuses growing inside of her.
PHOTO: Baidu

An 18-year-old woman in the central province of Henan became a source of national fascination in China after revealing she was pregnant with eight fetuses.

The woman, surnamed Bai, said she got pregnant naturally but had taken ovulation-stimulating drugs to fix her irregular period, Shandong Business News reports.

A doctor in Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province, said they should go through a procedure to reduce the number of fetuses to protect the mother. Bai’s 23-year-old boyfriend refused to comment on whether they had gone through the procedure when local media asked him.

The report said Bai is in the early stages of her pregnancy, which is her first.

An official from the city’s women’s association said they had visited Bai at her home, briefed her on pregnancy check-up steps and shared with her the contact information of her residential community affairs committee and nearby hospitals if she needed help in the future.

Suspected haunted house sells after "sleep test"

This property was sold after a freelancer spent the night in it to prove it was not haunted.
PHOTO: Baidu

A “haunted house” in southeastern China sold for 1.285 million yuan (S$276,000) after a 24-hour live stream was published featuring a freelancer spending a night in the house to prove it was not frequented by spirits.

An unnatural death had happened in the house in Jiangsu province, which meant it was deemed haunted by the property industry, making it unusually difficult to sell.

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A local court in Suzhou hired a freelancer to spend a full day in the 83-sq-m property to prove it had not been haunted by the previous owner, who had committed suicide because he was unable to pay off his gambling debts.

After the first run on the market, nobody bid for the property. But, on the second go-around, the property sold in an auction last Sunday for about two-thirds of the area’s typical property value.

This article was first published in South China Morning Post.