Quirky China: Man profits from hot water ice stunt, truck hangs off 100-metre high cliff, and illegal dog gambling ring exposed

Quirky CHina: A truck was left literally hanging on a mountain side after an accident and tourists are buying hot water to throw into cold air to watch it freeze.
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A man in northeastern China has created a business selling hot water to tourists to throw into the cold winter air where it freezes into unusual shapes.

Over the past few years, pictures and videos showing people in the freezing weather of the country’s northeastern regions splashing hot water into the air where the water turns into ice instantly, have gone viral on Chinese social media.

In the city of Jilin, Jilin province, one man sensed a new business opportunity and started selling hot water for 10 yuan (S$2.10) a ladle to tourists visiting a designated sightseeing area, news portal China.com.cn reported.

Throwing hot water into the cold air and watching it freeze has become popular with tourists in northern China. PHOTO: China.com.cn

He also teaches people how to pose for better images. If people pay an extra 10 yuan, they can get a video clip of their performance, and for another 10 yuan, they will receive a small picture developed on site as well. “How business savvy he is!” commented one internet user. “I guess it’s not hard to sell 100 ladles of water every day, so he can easily make a profit of 1,000 yuan a day.”

Truck left hanging off 100-metre high cliff

A large truck was left hanging over the edge of a high cliff after the vehicle crashed into a barrier on a mountainside road in northwestern China on the weekend.

Many internet users said they felt afraid just looking at the picture of the truck perched on the edge of the 100-metre high cliff face, news portal 163.com reported.

It took rescuers three days to pull the truck back onto the narrow road in Changzhi, Shanxi, northwest China, on Saturday.

Workers then cut the truck’s carriage into several parts before taking them away to clear the road which had been blocked for three days, said a witness surnamed Wu. “The truck was stuck there. It’s impossible for it to move on or back,” the man was quoted as saying.

The truck’s driver was rescued unharmed. The vehicle was reportedly not supposed to have been using the road because it is longer than the permitted length of 6.8 metres when conditions were icy, said Wu. The driver was suspected to have chosen the dangerous route to save on fuel costs, he said.

It is believed the driver took the risky route to save on fuel costs. PHOTO: 163.com

Illegal hunting dog gambling operation exposed

An undercover report by The Beijing News found that more than 100 people were caught betting on racing dogs to see which would be the first to catch and kill a rabbit.

Gambling is illegal in mainland China. The report said the dog racing event, held on a parcel of empty land in Hejian, Hebei, northern China, started in September last year. Local police raided the dog track twice, but seized nothing, with the fence surrounding the track still in place.

A hound photographed chasing a rabbit for gambling in China. PHOTO: The Beijing News.

According to the report, participants bet on which dog they think will catch the rabbit first, with the minimum bet set at 500 yuan.

Besides the gamblers, some locals were also at the site as spectators, the report said. “I don’t gamble, but just watch the fun,” said a man. “This traditional dog-chasing-rabbit activity is hardly seen elsewhere.”

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This article was first published in South China Morning Post.