Quirky China: Square-faced monkey resembles humans, cute puppies stolen and returned, daily queue of people stealing toilet paper

In Quirky China, a monkey resembles a person and three puppies were stolen because they were so cute.
PHOTO: South China Morning Post

A monkey in southeastern China has become an online celebrity because of its remarkably square-shaped head and a face that resembles humans.

Internet users said the monkey, which lives in a zoo in Zhejiang province in eastern China, looks like it has a “mature and steady” personality, mainland news portal Tianmu News reported.

The seven-year-old monkey, named Beita, is a male adult. It is a Gracile capuchin monkey, an endangered species whose wild habitat is in the Amazon rainforest. Beita was introduced to the zoo about four years ago.

A zoo worker said Beita’s square face meant it was healthy if maybe a little fat.

Since its picture went viral on social media last week, more people visited the zoo, many of whom went directly to see Beita, said the worker.

So cute I stole them

This man was caught stealing puppies on a camera in China. 
PHOTO: Baidu

A man in east China admitted to stealing three puppies from a house because he thought they were cute, news website xibujuece.com reported.

The man, surnamed Wu, said he took the pups to his home in the morning but then began to feel guilty and was overcome with remorse. He decided to take the dogs to the police station that afternoon.

The dog’s owner had reported the theft to the police quickly after finding them gone. The police had also identified that Wu was probably the culprit but had not yet taken any action when he reported himself to the precinct.

The police did not press charges because Wu gave himself up and the puppies’ owner forgave him.

Talking advantage of the toilet

The daily queue of elderly people lining up to grab toilet paper from a public restroom.
PHOTO: Thepaper.cn

A public toilet in southwest China has long been a source for elderly people to get free toilet paper, creating frustration for fed up cleaners, according to multiple mainland media reports.

Every day, dozens of older people in Chongqing queue up outside the public toilet and take turns grabbing as much toilet paper as they want, with some people taking home over 100 pieces in one sitting.

One particular man was seen spending about a minute stealing sheet after sheet when it was his turn.

"Generally speaking, a toilet paper box contains 500-600 pieces of paper, which usually lasts for a day. But now, the paper is used up quickly," a cleaner said.

A cleaner at the toilet told the news portal Jimu News that the habit had lasted for a long time, and the facility’s staff had tried various ways to stop the elderly but had failed.

He said he had reminded these people not to take too much paper and said they were "profiting at other people’s expense". But they would not listen.

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This article was first published in South China Morning Post.