Quirky China: TV newsreader with nosebleed, driver trying to cool off stuck in freezer truck, man steals from ex for new girlfriend

Quirky China: presenter continues news reading with nosebleed, driver wanting to cool down trapped in refrigerated truck and a man steals from his ex for new girlfriend.
PHOTO: South China Morning Post

A mainland Chinese TV presenter kept reading the news live on air after his nose began bleeding in an incident that has since gone viral.

Suzhou TV newsreader Huang Xinqi suffered a nosebleed on Monday (July 11) during a live television programme he was co-hosting with a colleague. However, he kept presenting the news bulletin until the end of the programme.

The bleeding began shortly after the show started and was significant enough to cause blood from his nose to trickle down to his mouth. However, Huang maintained a calm expression throughout the broadcast.

Huang stayed calm as though nothing was occurring and continued with the news.
PHOTO: Weibo

Although his colleague helped with presenting, Huang sat still as his nose continued to bleed, reported news site Sina News.

On Tuesday, Huang explained that at that time he didn’t think of anything other than finishing the broadcast.

Chinese social media was quickly filled with debate about the incident. Some praised Huang’s professionalism, but a lot of people questioned his working conditions and wondered why he felt he could not stop reading the news.

Many people asked why he had to keep reading the news and why the camera did not switch to his co-host.
PHOTO: Weibo

One person said: “I couldn’t see any professionalism. Was it very difficult to switch the camera to his female colleague? He was not alone there.”

Driver trying to cool down rescued from refrigerated truck

Shanghai police have rescued a driver who became trapped in the refrigerated truck he was driving after trying to cool down during a recent heatwave in the city.

The driver stopped his vehicle in an expressway service area just after midnight last Thursday. Unable to cope with the high temperatures he opened up the rear container door and got in to try and cool off.

The man was fortunate he had taken a phone with him as he said he was running out of air to breathe when police arrived.
PHOTO: Weibo

However, the door closed and became stuck, trapping him inside the refrigerated area; forcing him to call the police for help.

“The weather was too hot, I wanted to cool down in there. Then I couldn’t open the door any more, could you come help me?” He said on the call.

With the help of another driver, police managed to open the door and rescue the driver.

“I was close to suffocating. Luckily I took my mobile phone with me, otherwise, I would already be dead,” he said afterwards.

Online commenters sympathised with the driver, with many saying the heatwave in Shanghai over the last few weeks had been intense.

One wrote on Weibo: “Recently in Shanghai, it has been very hot with the temperature creeping up to 40 degrees. He’s very lucky that he had a phone.”

Man steals from ex to buy gifts for new girlfriend

A man in eastern China has been arrested after he stole personal items from his ex-girlfriend to give as gifts to his new girlfriend.

The man, surnamed Zhu, from Zhejiang province, eastern China, stole items worth more than 6,700 yuan (S$1,392) from his ex-girlfriend.

The woman had been living with Zhu but decided after a month he was a loafer and ended the relationship. Later on, she found several items including an iPad, a gold bracelet, and two lipsticks, had disappeared, she texted Zhu to ask if he knew about their whereabouts.

A lot of online users wondered how the man could attract women in the first place.
PHOTO: Weibo

Zhu admitted to stealing the items and the woman called the police. Zhu confessed that he stole the items because he couldn’t afford to buy a nice gift for his new girlfriend and that he wanted to make a good impression at their first meeting.

He said he sold the iPad and bracelet to a pawn shop and sent the lipsticks to his new girlfriend as a gift.

A lot of online users wondered how the man could attract partners.

“Why does such a man have a girlfriend?”

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This article was first published in South China Morning Post.