Slapped, force-fed, bone fractured: Nanny in China investigated for alleged baby abuse

Chinese newborn suffers fracture after nanny bends his legs the wrong way and pinches his nose to force him to drink milk.
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A nanny at a high-end baby care facility is under investigation for allegedly abusing a 28-day-old boy, leaving his thigh bone fractured.

The municipal government of Shiyan, Hubei province, central China, is attaching high importance to the case after a video about the alleged abuse went viral, the Jinan Daily reported.

The abuse was revealed after the child's parents noticed he started crying continuously due to his thigh injury. His parents took him to a hospital where a CT scan showed he had a bone fracture in his left thigh.

The baby has been staying in the high-end Taihe Baby and Mother Caring Club since his birth. He was mostly taken care of by nursemaids in the institute while his mother is also undergoing rehabilitation there.

At the strong request of the baby's parents, the institute allowed them access to the surveillance recordings.

The monitoring footage allegedly showed that at 3am on March 13, the carer, surnamed Chen, took away the lid of a milk bottle and poured milk into the infant's mouth, then pinched his nose to force him to swallow. The baby's parents said Chen finished feeding their son 100ml of milk in one minute.

While the boy struggled, she bent his legs forcefully, which his parents believe is what caused the fractured thigh bone.

She was also seen in the video slapping the baby's face when he would not drink milk during feedings and shook his head multiple times.

Nanny allegedly seen force feeding the child milk.
PHOTO: Baidu

Seeing the boy coughing up some milk, Chen made him sit on her knees and pressed his chest roughly.

The boy allegedly received a serious injury as a result, said his aunt, surnamed Yang.

"It's impossible to put a cast around his tiny thigh. So he is equipped with supportive frames to fix his bones. Right now there are two frames, one on his shoulder and one on his thigh," she told Guizhou TV.

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Yang said the boy is kept in an incubator in hospital as he can not wear clothes due to his injury.

Chen has been released on bail for she is four-months pregnant, according to Yang. Taihe institute was ordered by the authorities to close for an overhaul.

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"She is a monster. How could she do that? She should be heavily punished," commented one user on Douyin.

"She will have a baby soon. Why did she treat a young baby so rudely?" wrote another person.

Officials have launched an investigation after the footage went viral.
PHOTO: Baidu

Young babies are often exposed to abuse at the hands of their carers in mainland China.

Earlier this month, a couple reported to police in Shenyang, Liaoning province, northeastern China, that their babysitter had beaten and violently shaken their seven-month-old son.

In March last year, a helper in Chongqing was caught on surveillance footage roughly shaking a 40-day-old girl baby and throwing her up into the air. The woman was also seen slapping and pinching the infant's face. The baby's parents reported the case to the police.

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This article was first published in South China Morning Post.