Stray cat undergoes eyelid surgery, becomes Internet darling in China

Good looks can bring a person, or rather, a cat good fortune, it seems.

A sad-looking stray cat from Chengdu, China recently transformed into a charming feline, all thanks to 'double eyelid surgery'.

But it was not a cosmetic procedure, a veterinarian explained to Chengdu Business Daily.

When Fatty the cat was rescued off the streets in March, he was unable to open his eyes properly due to entropion, a genetic condition where part of the eyelid is folded inwards.

This causes the eyelashes to rub against the cornea which can lead to frequent eye infections and poor vision.

His rescuers took him for a check-up at a veterinary clinic and were told that he needed to undergo surgery to treat his abnormal eyelids.

Photo: Weibo

The surgery cost 2,000 yuan (S$400) and took half an hour to complete, the veterinarian said.

With a pair of big peepers now, the chubby kitty has been adopted by a doting family.

Photo: Chengdu Business Daily

Fatty's charming the netizens in the country too, with over 34,000 of them 'liking' his before-and-after photos on Weibo since July 16.

Some responded to the post with photos of other cats with droopy eyelids while others joked about the 'power of cosmetic surgery'.

Netizens sharing photos of cats with droopy eyelids who they think will benefit from eyelid surgery.Photo: Weibo screengrab
Netizens tagging their friends in the Weibo post and encouraging them to go for double eyelid surgery.Photo: Weibo screengrab

May Fatty live happily ever after in his fur-ever home.