Street 'magician' arrested for groping women's breasts

A man in China has been detained by police after posting videos of himself groping random women's breasts in public.

According to BBC, the man, who calls himself 'Chris', is an online blogger with over 400,000 followers on micro blogging site Sina Weibo where he posts videos of himself performing various 'pranks' on unsuspecting strangers, usually women.

The infamous video, which has gone viral with over 3 million views according to BBC, takes place in the city of Chengdu. It depicts the man, surnamed Xu performing his 'coin trick'. 

The video starts off with Xu asking various women to examine a 1 yuan coin to confirm that it has not been tampered with.

Photo: China Viral Videos/Youtube Screengrab

After the inspection, the man places the coin into his palm, before planting his palm straight onto the women's breasts. In the clips shown, the women are stunned, but none of them put up any kind of actual resistance against the prankster.

Photo: China Viral Videos/Youtube Screengrab

Xu then tells his victims that he will transport the coin through their clothes into their bra after counting to three. After counting to three, he goes on to give their breasts a squeeze.

Photo: China Viral Videos/Youtube Screengrab

It is soon quickly revealed however that the man is no magician at all when he removes his hand and both parties awkwardly watch the coin drop to the floor. One of the women does scold him, asking him whether he feels embarrassed, but once again, none of them actually display any signs of real outrage.

Photo: China Viral Videos/Youtube Screengrab

This stunt however is not the first risque video uploaded by the blogger.

According to BBC, Xu has been uploading videos online where he asks women invasive, inappropriate questions such as "Do you use tampons?" and "Could I have a one night stand with you?" while filming their reactions.

The clip, after going viral, has been met with angry comments from Chinese netizens. Xu himself has posted an apology video online, according to the Shanghaiist, but online users remain upset and have called for his arrest.

Xu was detained last Friday (June 16), along with his accomplice, who helped film his videos. It is not clear if he has been charged.