WATCH: This building in Shanghai can 'move'

The stunning kinetic facade of the Fosun Foundation cultural and arts centre lit up Shanghai's Bund Financial Centre on Monday (June 26), with passers-by gazing up to marvel at the building's kinetic facade.

The front of the structure consists of three layers of bronze tubes, visually similar to bamboo, moving vertically around the structure, altering the shape of the building. The design was reportedly inspired by traditional Chinese theatres.

Discussing the function of the building, Fosun Foundation President Jenny Jinyuan Wang said, "We are mainly focused on promoting exhibitions of contemporary art to all over the world. We made campaign and education of art to public. We also support the younger artist of China at the same time."

The three-storey building is the fruit of a joint project by Foster + Partners and Heatherwick Studio, and took four years to build.