Watch: Chinese woman's viral wedding band dance moves

Chinese fruit grower Niu Yeye has found fame for her quirky conducting.
PHOTO: Youtube/热搜榜

A middle-aged woman in rural China has found unexpected fame after a video clip of her conducting a wedding band with quirky dance moves went viral on Chinese social media.

Niu Yeye, a fruit farmer from Yuncheng in Shanxi province, said she was "so happy [she] couldn't sleep" after she found out about her online fame, Beijing Youth Daily reported on Thursday.

The 51-year-old liked to practise her moves at home to her favourite songs, the report said.

Niu, who has reportedly had music training, conducts a wedding band in her spare time, making 100 yuan (S$20) for each performance.

"When I went conducting, there was nobody to look after the fruit trees at home. But when my family saw how happy it made me, and how happy it made everyone else, they let me carry on," she was quoted as saying.

Comments on her videos on Weibo, China's Twitter-like microblogging site, expressed adulation for Niu's spontaneity.

"The auntie's name is so cute!" wrote one user. Another top-rated comment read: "Musicians: we don't understand what she's doing ... she can do it however she wants."

This article was first published in South China Morning Post.