WATCH: Kungfu master threads snake through mouth and nostrils

Kung Fu master Wu Song showed off his creepy talents including pulling a snake through his nose and mouth and carrying buckets of water with his eyelids, in Chengdu, Monday.

Song said he began practising as young as 12 years old and was taught by several Kung Fu masters. He stated that when learning his snake talent, he first had to tame the snake, which he said was poisonous, and get it used to his smell.

The Kung Fu master is also able to lift heavy objects, such as buckets full of water and pull people on a trolley, using hooks hanging from his eyelids.

Song hopes in his future that his son will master the same talents. However his son Xiao Yong was less enthusiastic saying, "I should practice a lot. To be honest, it makes me really uncomfortable."