WATCH: Over 2,000 babies battle it out in crawling contest in China

CHENGDU, China - Over 2,000 babies participated in a funny baby crawling contest held simultaneously in 17 shopping malls in Chengdu, the provincial capital of southwest China's Sichuan Province on Saturday.

In one of the 17 shopping malls, 200 babies aged from six months to one and a half years went head-to-head in the race. Families from across the city gathered for the contest.

Many parents even brought older children along to form a cheering squad. Parents thought hard and tried their best in the contest.

They put their babies' favourite toys in front of them to attract them, hoping that their babies could take the lead and cross the finish line.

One of the babies, however, had no interest in toys.

Instead, he was fascinated by tissues.

"He loves tissues," said the baby's father.

Another baby was attracted by the toys from other families and crawled on to the wrong track.

Most babies would spend more than two minutes to finish crawling the 10m-long racing track.

They usually crawled for a while, and then stopped to look around.

Contestant No. 18 will be well-remembered as he unexpectedly fell asleep before the crawling contest had even started, probably thanks to the long speech the host delivered.

Apart from bringing laughter to families and spectators, such a crawling contest does have other benefits.

"The crawling activity can exercise the baby's four limbs and enhance its coordination. Meanwhile, [the event] will also strengthen the interaction between parents and their babies. It is beneficial to cultivate the relationship between parents and babies," said Hu Cailin, an expert on parenting.