WATCH: School principal saves depressed student from leaping off building in China

A school principal took action into his own hands on Sunday to save a depressed girl from leaping off a 17-storey building in Duyun City of southwest China's Guizhou Province.

Video of the rescue, which took place at around 13:00, shows the girl, who is a student, standing on the ledge of the building threatening to jump.

Firefighters and police arrived at the scene, but the girl ordered them to back off. The girl's family, her school principal and classmates arrived at the site about one hour later and tried their best to dissuade her from jumping. However, their pleas were ignored.

As another hour passed and the girl seemed reluctant to step away from the ledge, her principal decided to get close to her by handing over a bottle of water.

At that very moment, the principal grabbed the girl's shirt and pulled her to safety.

According to an insider, the girl suffers from depression. An investigation is underway to find the reason why the girl attempted suicide.


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