Watch: Woman engrossed in mobile phone while squatting on pavement gets run over by SUV

PHOTO: Facebook/DuoWeiNews

A woman in China was so engrossed on her mobile phone that she didn't notice a parked SUV beside her drive off, until it was too late.

The incident reportedly occurred in the city of Hangzhou on Sunday (Nov 11), and was captured on CCTV. In the clip, a woman is seen squatting in front of a vehicle while on the phone as the driver gets in. 

Within seconds, the SUV moves off and knocks the woman over before she can react, trapping her under the front of the car.

Fortunately for her, bystanders manage to alert the driver to the situation, and the car stops just before the tyres roll over the woman.

The passers-by then lift the car to free the young woman who is now recovering in hospital.

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Posted by 多维新闻 on Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Based on the video, the vehicle appears to be parked on a pedestrian walkway, which may indicate that the driver is on the wrong side of the law.

However, the lesson for everyone here is probably that one should never stand, and especially not squat, next to a parked car, particularly if the driver won't be able to see you.

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