WATCH: World's largest bug is the length of your arm

A 64-centimetre-long (25 inches) stick insect, also known as the Chinese Giant Stick Insect, is claimed to be the world's largest insect on the planet, entomologist Zhao Li said in Chengdu on Tuesday, as he held a giant bug almost the same length as his arm.

The giant insect was found by Zhao Li in 2014 during his expedition to Guangxi forests not far from the Vietnamese border and was brought to the museum where it has been bred artificially each year.

"Third generation of stick insects bred this year turned out to be larger than their grandparents. This now is 64 centimetres long, while it is used to be 62.4 centimetres long," proudly noted Zhao Li as the stick insect broke his own world's record.

The previous longest bug was a Malaysian 56.7-centimetre-long (22.3 inches) stick insect which was discovered in 2008.