Woman in China slaughters chicken after she was stopped from boarding train with it

PHOTO: Video screengrabs

We all agree that a meal tastes better when it's made with fresh ingredients.

For one middle-aged woman in Chongqing, China, that meant whipping up dinner using a live chicken.

She was rushing home on July 6 when she was stopped by a train station staff member who spotted the animal in her shopping bag.

It turns out, commuters are not allowed to board trains with pets and livestock.

The woman had to make a decision.

If you thought that the chicken had a chance to escape its fate, you'd be wrong.

The commuter decided to slaughter the bird on the spot, surprising her fellow travellers who filmed the incident on their mobile phones.

In a clip circulating online, she is seen swiftly slitting the chicken's neck and letting its blood out in a rubbish bin.

After effectively turning the livestock into meat, she successfully boarded the train home.

According to a Chongqing transport official, this is not the first time a commuter has brought live poultry into a train station.

In the past, several travellers butchered chickens and ducks when they were barred from taking the train, with some leaving bloodied messes on the train station floor.


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