Woman dies after 4 abortions in a year because her husband wanted a son

PHOTO: Video screengrab

In traditional Chinese culture, sons are said to be favoured over daughters and married women who fail to bear a son for their husbands' family are often looked down upon.

With that being said, prepare yourself for the heart-breaking story you're about to read.

A woman named Yueyue in Shengang town of Wuhu, Anhui Province, has recently died after having four forced abortions within a year, reported Huanqiu.com.

Yueyue, who has a five-year-old daughter, would undergo ultra-sound scans to identify the gender of her foetus every time she was pregnant, upon request by her husband.

Once the scan revealed that Yueyue is carrying a girl, her husband would force her to abort the baby.

Having had four abortions within a year, the woman's health deteriorated and she was left bedridden.

But no sympathy was given by her cold-hearted husband, as he immediately issued Yueyue divorce papers after she was bedridden.

Left with no choice, the woman could only agree to the divorce, taking the divorce settlement of 170,000 yuan (S$34,423) with her to seek medical help in a hospital in Shanghai, according to Chinese media.

Unfortunately, doctors failed to save her and she died, leaving her young daughter motherless, reported Daily Mail.

Shortly after, Yueyue's family, including her mother who was wheelchair-bound, brought her ashes to her ex-husband's home, seeking some form of explanation. The man was nowhere to be found, however, and had reportedly hid in a neighbour's home.

Yueyue's mother had to be wheeled to her ex-husband's home, seeking for some form of explanation.Photo: Video screengrab

The scene attracted several concerned onlookers who felt aggrieved over Yueyue's situation, and they gathered around the house. Local police was called thereafter, with the case reportedly being investigated.

Photo: Video screengrab

It was also reported that Yueyue's ex-husband had already bought a new car after the divorce, with plans to remarry.

Needless to say, netizens mostly sympathised Yueyue, criticising her ex-husband for forcing his wife to undergo abortions just because he wanted a son.