Woman eats 'aloe vera' on live stream but panics after realising it's a poisonous plant

PHOTO: Asiawire

A woman was forced to abandon her live stream and rush herself to the hospital after eating a poisonous plant she thought was aloe vera.

The 26-year-old Chinese woman, surnamed Zhang, bought two giant leaves for her performance titled, 'Aloe Vera Feast.'

According to an article from Mirror, she believed that the waxy green leaves were aloe vera, and that there was no better way to absorb the plant's nutritional benefits than to bite right into it.

Unfortunately, what she mistook for refreshing aloe vera was actually Agave Americana, a poisonous plant native to Mexico.

The plant, also deceivingly known as American aloe, is often sold as an ornament and is meant to be displayed, not eaten.

This is because the sap is known to be toxic, causing severe skin irritation, digestive discomfort, and even eye damage.

Consuming the 100ml of the sap consecutively for three days could even lead to death, according to sources.

During the live broadcast, Zhang could be heard saying, "This is great. Yum."

The vlogger happily chomps down on the juicy leaf.Photo: Asiawire

However, things quickly took a turn for the worse when she added: "Oh, that's bitter. That is really bitter."

The look of realisation when she suspected it might not be aloe vera after all.Photo: Asiawire 

Zhang immediately abandoned the live stream and took herself to hospital.

She later claimed her mouth went "numb" and felt like her throat was "on fire."

Zhang also "lost her voice" after taking three bites of the Agave Americana.

Doctors found that she had also been suffering from severe rashes and blisters.

They later had to pump her stomach to remove the harmful plant substances from her body.

According to latest updates, Zhang is still recovering in hospital.