Woman gets slapped in the eyes by 'flying noodle' at hotpot restaurant

Woman gets slapped in the eyes by 'flying noodle' at hotpot restaurant

And we thought it'll never happen.

A video which went viral on Chinese social media recently saw a female customer at a hotpot restaurant getting hit in the face with a stray noodle during a performance.

The incident is believed to have occurred at a hotpot restaurant in Hunan.

Some background: When customers order freshly-pulled noodles at certain hotpot restaurants, it sometimes comes with a 'performance', which involves a server hand-pulling the noodles in front of you while doing tricks and dancing to music.


After the performance, the noodles are then dumped into the boiling soup to be cooked.

In the video, the woman who's eating an orange can be seen trying to avoid the flying noodles, but at the last second before the video cuts off, a strand goes over her head, covering her eyes.

Blink and you'll miss it:


The clip posted on Facebook has had Chinese social media users rolling with laughter since it was posted on Tuesday (May 22).

The video is aptly titled "The worst thing that could happen while eating Hai Di Lao has come true", and has amassed more than a million views since.

Hai Di Lao is a popular hotpot chain restaurant originating from China which has outlets in Singapore as well, but it is not clear if the incident happened at a Hai Di Lao outlet.

According to reports, the diners in question were not charged for the noodles.


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