You too can find a beautiful Ukrainian wife, says this Chinese entrepreneur

You too can find a beautiful Ukrainian wife, says this Chinese entrepreneur

Remember him?

In 2014, Mei Aisi made Chinese men green with envy by marrying a young and beautiful Ukrainian woman.

After answering endless questions on how a man from a humble background like him managed to charm such an attractive foreign lady, Mei now wants to play matchmaker.

Late last year, he started a dating club named Culove to bring Chinese men and Ukrainian ladies together.

Culove organises monthly tours to Ukraine for bachelors to meet their prospective brides.


On each tour, 10 male participants pay about 69,000 yuan (S$14,000) for the six-day tour, which includes stays in five-star hotels and lavish dinner parties where they are introduced to 30 foreign beauties.

After the formal introduction, participants are free to get to know each other better in the following days through one-on-one dates at various scenic spots.

To help love blossom between the participants, Mei's company conducts free classes for Ukrainian women to introduce them to Chinese culture and learn how to converse in Mandarin.


In comparison with Chinese women who have set high standards for an ideal spouse, Mei said that Ukrainian women marry more for love and less for money.

And this is turning out to be a lucrative business too.

Mei said in TV programme Maker China that his team of three at Culove has managed to rake in 6 million yuan (S$1.2 million) over the first six months of operation.

Barely a year after launching the dating service, Mei has already seen at least one imposter in China that is offering similar services online.

But judging by how lavish Culove's dates are, it seems like only successful Chinese bachelors will be able to find an attractive foreign bride.

If you think this is Mei's only business, think again.

China Daily reported that he owns Chinese restaurants and also runs an import-export company in Ukraine.

He recently celebrated his fifth wedding anniversary with his 23-year-old wife and they live in a 3,000 square-feet villa with their daughter.

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