Young stay-at-home mum transforms into over 200 stars on livestream

Yan Xiu is a stay-at-home mom in East China's Jiangsu province with two children. She puts on makeup every day to imitate different stars in her "Bai Bian A Xiu" livestream, which means "Ever-changing Xiu" in English. She has gained 460,000 fans and followers in only a few months, reported.

Although Xiu never learned how to paint, she regarded the human face as a kind of canvas, so started to paint on her own to imitate many stars.

The first imitation was the famous character Xiaoyanzi in My Fair Princess, which helped her gain over 500,000 visits to her livestreaming website on the first day.

Many people showed interest in learning make-up skills from her.

Her work is quite convincing, because people can see the whole process of her doing the makeup, showing how her face changes from her own to that of a star.

Yan XiuPhoto: Weibo

Since then, Xiu has become an online celebrity, taking on bigger challenges and imitating many classic figures including both men and women, such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and many TV characters.

"This is not makeup," a netizen said to her. "This is an ancient 'disguise self' skill."

"Fantastic! You alone equal half the stars in the entertainment industry," said another.

Xiu checks people's comments every morning and chooses a character to imitate that day. People's requirements can be very different, and she is willing to try various images.

She once imitated Monkey King, and received many compliments.