This young woman without arms is China's latest internet sensation

She may not have a pair of arms, but a young woman in China is not letting that prevent her from living a normal life.

Yang Li's arms were amputated after she was involved in an accident with a high voltage wire when she was three years old.

In the years since her accident, Yang has trained her feet to become so deft that she applies makeup and eats using chopsticks with ease.

Photo: Weibo

And like all millennials, Yang is a digital native and loves playing games or chatting with her friends on her mobile phone.

But what catapulted her into the spotlight was her live streaming videos.

With a selfie stick mounted around her neck, she gives others a glimpse into her daily life.

"A disabled person's life can be quite simple and dull, but I can meet and make many friends through livestreams," Yang said.

Her inspirational videos are popular with netizens and the online celebrity now has a 900,000-strong following on her live streaming page.

However, it seems to be only her side job as Chinese media reported that the university graduate holds a job in administration.