Chinese developers use property babes to sell houses

PHOTO: Chinese developers use property babes to sell houses

If car makers can sell cars with the help of car show queens, can property developers also expect better sales with pretty  models in racy outfits?

Some Chinese developers seem to think so. With the newly rich Chinese snapping up property in major towns and cities, developers face stiff competition in an increasingly lucrative market.

In July this year, Reuters reported that property investment accounted for 11 per cent of China's gross domestic product in the first quarter of 2013.

With such high levels of activity in the property market, developers are looking beyond traditional methods of selling houses and apartment units. While some have employed good looking show girls to mingle with guests, others have even gone so far as to arrange for their models to appear in nothing but body paint.

While the usefulness of these tactics have not been established, if sex sells cars, then why not property as well?

Chinese developers use show babes to sell property