Chinese firemen pose for fiery photo calendar

PHOTO: Sina Weibo

Boy, is it hot in here! As is becoming something of a tradition among the fire and rescue departments around the world, a group of Chinese firemen have decided bare their buff bodies for a photo calendar.

According to the China Daily, the photos of the firemen posing for the 2017 Chinese Firefighters' Calendar have gone viral.

"The photo shoot featuring the firefighters' firm eyes and muscular bodies are a testimony to the strength of China's search and rescue forces, providing Chinese people with a stronger sense of security," they said.

And the sizzling calendar delivers, featuring images of muscular, topless firemen posing with their dogs, fire engines and with fire axes among other firefighting paraphernalia.

What is a definite theme across the pictures is the unbridled display of six-packs and glistening biceps.

The Chinese calendar comes about the same time that Malaysia's own Fire and Rescue Department released its 2017 calendar that displayed slightly more realistic depictions of firemen carrying out their duties.

Three months before that, the Australian Firefighter's 2017 calendar was made available for sale and included images of topless Australian firemen posing with hoses, tools and puppies.

Calendar of Taipei's shirtless firefighters are setting Internet ablaze

  • We're going to need a firefighter to hose us down, because it's getting really hot in here.
  • Photographs featuring shirtless firemen from the New Taipei Fire Department in their bunker gear and equipment have spread like wildfire (pun intended!) on the Internet.
  • The pictures were taken for a 2017 calendar published by NTFD, which has also featured hunky firemen in its calendars from previous years.
  • A spokesperson for the department was quoted by BuzzFeed, saying that "the photos aim to show the professionalism, determination, and charm of the firefighters, who are dedicated to protecting citizens and their safety".
  • And the Internet couldn't agree more.
  • Some of the funniest and rather lubricious Facebook comments include women wanting to set fire to themselves and (especially) to their reproductive organs, while others jokingly compared the Taiwanese firefighters to those in their own countries.
  • According to Buzzfeed, these calendars are not available for sale but eager fans can still stand a chance of winning a copy by donating to the Down Syndrome Foundation ROC and participating in competitions posted on NTFD's Facebook page.
  • So, rather than fulfilling any pyromaniac desires in hopes of being saved by these ripped firemen, why not donate to support a great cause instead?