Chinese man lives in apartment with over 130 rats

Oh d(rats)!

Imagine having to live in an apartment together with over 100 rats. Would you survive? 

Probably not. 

But for Mr Zhou, a retired chemical plant worker from Chongqing, China, living with rodents is nothing new. 

Footage emerged showing the 72-year-old as he dropped handfuls of noodles on the ground, in an attempt to feed the dozens of rats living in his apartment.

The video shows a number of rats climbing over the furniture and running around the floor. But once Mr Zhao throws a handful of noodles to the ground, dozens of rats scurry forward to eat - completely unafraid of humans. 

People's Daily Online reported that Mr Zhou's neighbours have asked him to kill the rodents. However, he refused saying that he does not want to kill a living thing as he is a kind person. 

With that being said, Mr Zhou eventually decided to accept help, so Nanjiang pest control in China stepped in to take action and help him out. 

Temporarily admitted to a care home with his daughter who suffers from mental issues, Zhou has allowed the pest control team to capture the rodents from his home.

Since that evening, they managed to capture more than 130 rats from the apartment. 

All captured rodents found will be buried and pest control will remain in the vicinity for 10 days to try and capture as many more rats as possible, as reported by People's Daily Online.