Chinese vendor investigated for selling shrimp containing jelly-like substance

A vendor in China's Zhejiang province is being investigated for selling shrimps that were found to contain a jelly-like substance, news blog Shanghaiist reported.

The case was reported to the media by a customer who had bought some of the tiny crustaceans from the vendor's shop in the city of Wenzhou.

Authorities were soon alerted and the vendor was taken in for investigations, which are ongoing. He claimed that he had bought the seafood from another supplier, and that he does not know what the substance is.

Some netizens are speculating that it is gelatin, while others say it could be something worse - plastic glass.

According to Shanghaiist, some seafood vendors revealed that gelatin is sometimes injected to enhance the presentation of frozen shrimps which might otherwise look dry and flat when they are defrosted.