In choosing business printers, one size doesn't fit all

PHOTO: In choosing business printers, one size doesn't fit all

HP's Balanced Deployment approach of choosing printers to suit your business delivers higher productivity and lowers your total cost of ownership (TCO).

In your business, you won't think of putting all your eggs in one basket. So why is it that when it comes to choosing printers, some business owners do exactly that? Wowed by the impressive specifications of one super-duper machine, they buy that one multifunction copier to serve their entire office.

These are smart people. Their choice is not made on impulse. They have done their sums and have compared specifications.

One centralised machine has more than enough capacity to meet the current and projected needs of their business, they figured. The machine is usually an imposing floor-standing machine that is a copier at its core and not designed based on networked printing technology.

The souped-up copier boasts of stellar numbers on the brochure and also has a low price per copy to boot.

Smart choice, right? No.

Balanced Deployment puts the right equipment in the right place

Look first to what your business needs. Don't be distracted by the salesman who quickly jumps to his catalogue of models and special offers.

HP starts with your business by helping you walk through your printing and scanning needs and how your work environment is laid out. The way your staff is organised is also considered. Based on that, HP will recommend a right mix of devices and how they should be placed.

The devices can be low-end and high-end, single-function models or multifunction printers (MFP). The printing engines can be laser or ink-based. The printers can be floor-standing or models that sit on the desktop.

For larger or more specialised businesses, dedicated networked scanners may be recommended. The types, number and locations of the devices are customised to your office. HP calls it Balanced Deployment. The focus is on your business and your work processes.

There is no obsession with having just one centralised super-charged machine to meet your needs as in a one size fits all.

Think of Balanced Deployment as having a bespoke wardrobe tailored just for you, instead of an off-the-shelf design that is on special offer.

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A balanced approach brings benefits to your business

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

One lure the copier salesman will offer is cheaper per print costs. Don't be fooled - look at the TCO. You will be coughing up more for the copier hardware. If your copying and printing needs are not that high, you are throwing away money paying for excess capacity that you do not need.

Higher productivity

Having distributed printing where printers are placed with work clusters instead of having a single centralised printer makes practical sense. Your workers will walk less to get their prints. The extra distance getting to the printer adds up.

Also, no matter how fast a printer is, a batch of print jobs bunched up will mean a queue.

With a Balanced Deployment setup, less time will be spent by your staff queuing, waiting and sorting out print jobs.

Productivity figures

HP did a simulation exercise of an office with 20 people which sent out a total of 100 print jobs over the course of a work day. In the first scenario, there was an upsized copier to serve the entire office. In the second, after an HP Balanced Deployment analysis, five machines ranging from MFPs to monochrome laser printers were recommended to be placed in various parts of the office.

Simulations were ran for both scenarios and the number of footsteps taken by the 20 people was counted and the time spent waiting for print jobs to be ready added up.

With the copier setup, 4,000 steps were clocked and 80 minutes were wasted in waiting. In the HP Balanced Deployment setup, only 1,000 steps were needed and the amount of time spent waiting was slashed to just five minutes.

Translated to the impact on the bottom line of the business, HP estimates that the annual allin cost of the Balanced Deployment approach was less than 10 per cent that of the one-sizefits-all setup.

Now you understand why the copier salesman doesn't want to spend much time listening to your situation and wants to quickly start boasting of his expensive, powerful machine.

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Single-function printers can be the best fit for some workgroups

A Balanced Deployment solution may include single-function printers. The trick is in getting machines of the right capacity for your office. Nothing underpowered or unused capacity.

Compared to MFPs, single-function printers are cheaper, consume less power, take up less space and easier to maintain as they have less parts. A printer-based device is more suited to your needs than a souped-up copier. Think about it: Office workers print more than they copy.

Even if you need multiple copies of a document, you would just print more pristine, original quality copies straight from your computer. Why bother with lesser-quality copies when you can have originals?

A breakdown will not mean that work stops

Machines do break down or need to be taken offline for maintenance. With a single machine in a centralised setup, downtime means no printing can be done at all. With a Balanced Deployment setup, you will be able to divert your print jobs to another machine instead of having to wait for that one machine to be up and running.

Examples of HP models in a Balanced Deployment setup

HP LaserJet Enterprise 700 colour MFP M775z

A large-volume, professional-quality, flood-standing MFP that executes colour printing on a wide range of paper sizes - up to A3.

HP Officejet Pro X576dw Multifunction Printer

This speed demon of an inkjet multifunction printer can clock up to a speed of an astounding 70 page per minute and is yet cheap to run.

HP LaserJet Enterprise colour flow MFP M575c Impressive colour and productivity from a desktop MFP featuring an 8-inch touchscreen.

HP LaserJet Enterprise 600 M602dn Printer

A workhorse of a single-function, desktop black & white printer that boasts of speeds up to 52 ppm and a high-speed host USB port for walk-up printing.

HP Color LaserJet Enterprise CP5525dn Printer

This desktop printer facilitates large-volume, professional-quality colour printing on a wide range of paper sizes - from post cards to posters.

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