Christopher Lee orders every item at this ngoh hiang stall

Christopher Lee orders every item at this ngoh hiang stall
PHOTO: Christopher Lee orders every item at this ngoh hiang stall

SINGAPORE - Actor Christopher Lee orders all the items, while singer Stefanie Sun loves the egg slice at this ngoh hiang stall in Maxwell Road Food Centre.

The variety at China Street Fritters may be small - you get to choose from just seven items to go along with the fried bee hoon - but it's apparently good enough to attract even celebrities and politicians.

Of the seven items, all of which continue to be handmade since close to 70 years ago, four are more famous: the liver roll, egg slice, sausage and ngoh hiang (five spice pork rolls).

SPH Razor recently visited the stall to find out how shiok the "Four Heavenly Kings" are.

While multimedia journalist Olivia Chang couldn't decide on a winner because she liked all four, her co-host Low Yi Qian named the liver roll as his favourite.

He noted that the liver roll was different from those offered in other stalls, which usually consist of mashed liver. China Street Fritters' liver roll, on the other hand, is made up of whole liver pieces, chives, and pork lard.

Not only is it tasty, it is also nice to look at, Low said. Chang agreed, saying it looked like sushi.

The duo were split between the two sauces: Low preferred the chilli, but Chang liked that the sweet sauce had a light, delicate flavour that lingered. She said that the owner refused to tell her what the secret recipe for the sauce was.

The owner also shared that he was having difficulty finding someone younger to hand down their recipes to.

"There is a very real possibility that these traditional food items might be lost in the future," Low said. "Don't wait any more, come down and patronise them while they're still around!"

For those who don't eat livers, you might just change your mind after trying the liver roll, like Chang did.

She and her co-host rated China Street Fritters not just Quite Shiok, but Very Shiok.

China Street Fritters
#01-64 Maxwell Road Food Centre
1 Kadayanallur Street Singapore 069184

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