Coca-Cola to set up factory in Myanmar

PHOTO: Coca-Cola to set up factory in Myanmar

MYANMAR - The Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) on December 28 gave Coca-Cola Company permission to construct a factory in the country.

The American multinational beverage corporation will operate its business under the registered name Cola Pinya Beverages Myanmar Ltd as a joint venture with the local Pinya Manufacturing Co Ltd.

MIC has permitted the company to manufacture non-alcoholic beverages and purified drinking water.

For the first time in more than 60 years, Coca-Cola Company has delivered the Coca-Cola drink to local customers in Yangon.

Production will take place at four factories in Yangon, including the new one in the suburban area of the business capital.

The investment procedures of the company will be in accordance with the new Myanmar Foreign Investment Law. The amount of investment has not been publicised.

Pinya's 10-product line is marketed under the brand name Max. Most of the company's ingredients are imported from Germany and the United States.

The company has 13 distribution branches throughout the country.