Coffee shops place extra tables in common areas - not sparing a thought for the wheelchair bound

Stomp contributor Larzn thinks that coffee shop operators need to be more considerate towards the residents living in the area, especially those wheelchair bound.

The Stomp contributor has noticed that whenever coffee shops in the neighbourhood get busy, they extend their eateries into the common areas, blocking human traffic.

The coffee shops would move more tables out in order to accommodate the customers, but they fail to realise that they are inconveniencing people trying to move around the area.

Whenever Larzn sends her wheelchair bound father to the area, they have problems wheeling him through the crowd of diners, who give them unfriendly looks.

Because of this, they have resorted to taking a detour around the block in order to get to their destination.

Larzn said:

"It is good to have good business, but operators need to abide by the rules and regulations set by the HDB and NEA."

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