Community leaders spearhead fight against dengue and haze

SINGAPORE - Some 100 Yuhua grassroots leaders from the Residents' Committees and Neighbourhood Committees will be working with residents to fight dengue and haze.

This collaboration with the National Environment Agency (NEA) will see some 40 leaders from various grassroots organisations gather for a briefing and visiting session on June 22 at Yuhua Zone 5 RC Centre.

The briefing will set directions on key messages to broadcast to the Yuhua Community - the 5-step mozzie wipeout and the assistance available to cope with the haze.

These leaders will then conduct door-to door visits, with the rest of the volunteers, in their respective areas to spread the messages and to identify vulnerable residents who need help and attention to deal with the hazy condition.

Those involved will meet at 8.30am at Blk 320 Jurong East St 31 where the Yuhua Zone 5 RC Centre is located.

To stop the chain of dengue transmission, Yuhua CCC Chairman, Mr Chng Hwee Hong said "Not only do we aim to raise awareness and inspire action to prevent dengue, but we will also extend a helping hand and support to residents who are recovering from dengue."

Three dengue cases were reported in the vicinity of Jurong East Ave 1 as at 14 June 2013.

Yuhua grassroots leaders and volunteers will also keep a lookout for frail elderly and those who are more vulnerable to the hazy conditions.

The grassroots leaders had earlier visited Yuhua Neighbourhood Link at Blk 318A Jurong East St 31 which houses mostly elderly residents to distribute Vitamin C supplements, face masks and herbal tea.

The elderly were briefed on the health advisory given by the Ministry of Health and on ways to prevent dengue.

Staff and volunteers at Neighbourhood Link are ready to extend assistance to the vulnerable elderly, such as to provide cooked food, N95 mask if their health condition require it, and to facilitate access to medical treatment.

Grassroots Adviser Ms Grace Fu, Minister, Prime Minister's Office and Second Minister for the Environment and Water Resources and Second Minister for Foreign Affairs. Joining Yuhua's community of volunteers

"We would like to assure our residents that the community is here to help. Residents can play a part by keeping watch over your neighbours and the living environment clean. A strong community spirit will see us through this challenging period," she said.

Mr Ang Hak Seng, Chief Executive Director of the People's Association lauded the grassroots leaders for their care and concern for their residents.

"It is during challenging times like this that we reveal the core identity of being Singaporeans. Whether it is keeping vigilant to lookout for mosquito breeding sites, or looking out for the vulnerable affected by the haze, I am proud to see grassroots leaders at the forefront of efforts to demonstrate that we have a community that cares for each other," he said.

Yuhua Community Club and Loving Heart Multi-Service Centre have set up a hotline at 97319286 to help residents cope with the haze and dengue.