Commuters distressed and kept in the dark

On Tuesday morning, I was on a Circle Line train heading towards one-north station when there was a loud bang and a violent thud that sent vibrations throughout the cabin.

Soon after that, the lights went out and the train came to a halt.

Initially, the standard train delay announcements were broadcast. A few minutes later, smoke began to fill the cabin.

Some passengers called for urgent assistance through the train's emergency intercom but received no response. We were distressed, trapped in a smoke-filled train and had no knowledge of what had happened or what to do.

Can SMRT explain how its staff are trained to respond to an emergency reported through the intercom? Why was there no response in this incident? Finally, what measures does SMRT have to ensure passenger safety in confined spaces like an underground tunnel?

Melissa Lim Ya Hui (Miss)

This article was first published on December 27, 2014.
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