Companies in Malaysia turn to YouTube to wish clients 'Gong Xi Fa Cai'

PETALING JAYA - Several companies have taken to YouTube to wish their customers a Happy Chinese New Year – creatively.

DiGi Telecommunications came up with a game-like video with a player getting points for calling his relatives by their right titles in the Mandarin dialect.

After getting some titles wrong, the player entered the “cheat mode”, and got hints about what to call relatives – such as his mother’s younger sister’s daughter.

Maxis Bhd took the feng shui master route, with a Master Meng preaching about prosperity.

He introduces the “Gold-with-the-Flow Tap”, a gold tap and pipe to highlight water as wealth.

“Built with traditional yellow brass, Gold-with-the-Flow Tap ensures that the cash that flows to you is crisper than your HDTV,” is a translation of what he says.

Some videos, however, had a simpler feel and used neither people or stories to present their message.

GoAsean used static backgrounds of faraway places and travel material, with moving Chinese New Year symbols to capture peoples’ attention.

These included flowers growing on branches, and a monkey – the animal of this year’s zodiac – climbing them.

MRT Corp opted for a greeting card showing a cartoon family celebrating the New Year with the backdrop of Kuala Lumpur behind.

The only thing moving, besides the crackles of fireworks on the floor facing them, was a train on a track behind them, presumably the future MRT train.

Part of the Sungai Buloh-Kajang MRT line – Malaysia’s first MRT track – is expected to open by the year end.

Others came up with greetings without a video, sticking to pictures or paintings instead.