Construction-site engineers secure plans and schedules, reduces cost with Office 365

Construction firm, Ryobi Kiso, issued site engineers with POP email accounts, so they could access plans, schedules and design documents from laptops and mobile devices throughout their working day. However, engineers' email accounts had limited storage, and documents saved on personal devices, were frequently lost.

To ensure sensitive documents were secured centrally, Ryobi Kiso wanted a replacement email system. It had to be low cost, preferably with zero server infrastructure, and require as little technical support as possible.


As part of a Phase 1 implementation, Ryobi Kiso transferred 150 staff POP email accounts to the subscription-based email service, Microsoft Exchange Online, which is part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite of cloud services. This enables staff to remotely log on to email through any browser, and work with email in a familiar Microsoft Outlook experience. They can also organise calendar and contacts details, and store 50 GB of documents securely in the cloud.

"We chose Office 365 email because it was easy to deploy and easy to use," says Desmond Cheong, Manager (Business Excellence) Ryobi Kiso. "We also analysed the total cost of ownership: Microsoft cloud-based email definitely costs less than buying, installing and maintaining our own email server."


With Outlook email in Office 365, Ryobi Kiso has a low-maintenance email system that keeps critical documents accessible, but secure.

- Total cost of ownership estimated at 20 per cent below the cost of an on-premises installation

- Ryobi Kiso requires no technical support for server maintenance, or email backup

- Contact Lists and Calendars are automatically generated, which helps employees organise their day

- Engineers create Task Schedules in Outlook, which improves collaboration with other engineers.

Easy and Secure IT Management. Try Office 365.

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