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IUIGA, Direct-To-Consumer Brand, Launches Solitaire Diamond Ring at Transparent Pricing with Complimentary Home Try-On

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach  - 30 April 2019 -  Homegrown direct-to-consumer retailer, IUIGA, is all about conscious consumerism and slow living -- and has been for the past two years since being founded by five friends. Don't mistake these buzzword-values they hold close to heart as just an aspirational facade though -- the brand packs a tight punch of audacity with a fistful of gung-ho when it comes to acting on their philosophy.

As Singapore's very first to complement its online-only Solitaire rings with a free home try-on initiative, IUIGA empowers consumers with inclusivity, transparency and high-quality at completely honest pricing


Despite its short lead-in within the home and living space, IUIGA has already made torrents with its radical transparency as modus operandi. Beyond advocating mindful consumerism, the brand champions total honesty and this goes beyond its pricing strategy, where they openly share their mark-ups with consumers to show them exactly where their money went. At a time where most brands proclaim to be your best friend, IUIGA makes it truly easy for you to trust they have really got your back. Where it concerns authenticity and full transparency to consumers, they deliver with their relentless follow-through.


Ever heard of the sentiment that a proposal ring needs to be worth at least three months' salary for a man to sufficiently prove his love? That is an obsolete thinking that IUIGA is more than happy to eschew.

This April, archaic notions shadowing diamond ring shopping fall sideways as the brand launches the Solitaire -- a brilliant-cut diamond ring in platinum . With a well-considered selection of carat weights (one to five carats) to choose from, the IUIGA Solitaire is a contemporary testament to timeless simplicity. The classic six-prong setting catches light perfectly, and scintillates a lasting brilliance.

Each order of the Solitaire is made-to-order , and takes up to 40 working days to complete. But unlike traditional retailers and upscale brands (such as Tiffany & Co. and Cartier) with their astronomical mark-ups of at least 300 to 1000 times its cost price, expect more value at a much lighter price tag with IUIGA's Solitaire.

The new launch responds directly to the varying needs and budgets of consumers, with prices ranging starting from just S$1,799 for a one-carat diamond ring ; two- to five-carat diamond rings are available by special request only. IUIGA also provides an optional service to certify the diamonds with CTI/IGI at an additional SGD 300, and this process takes up to seven working days.

This permanent addition is available exclusively online , with a complimentary home try-on experience.


Uncompromised quality and experience is an attainable luxury with IUIGA. With these scintillating objects of desire, the brand is starting a conversation on authentic transparency with not just men, but women as well. Regardless, purchasing a diamond ring in any context presents a decades-old conundrum: as traditional receivers, most women spend a significant amount of time envisioning their perfect sparkle. But since proposals are usually a surprise, they most likely have minimal involvement in the process leading up to such a significant milestone. As a result, retailers have historically steered their diamond campaigns towards men who, in general contrary to women, are completely clueless or have little interest in learning about diamond rings.

IUIGA's diamond rings provide a newfound opportunity to say "I love you, will you marry me?" in a way that speaks to modern consumers, and resonates with their changing lifestyles and progressive mindsets. Whether it is a proposal ring, push present, or a special gift to yourself to mark a celebratory milestone, the truth is millennials desire more inclusivity in co-creating their own traditions.

The brand is at the forefront of leading this digital revolution. Aside from a simplified, stress-free process, consumers can now look forward to a more rewarding shopping experience as well. Every home try-on set allows up to three sample rings made of high-quality alloy and cubic zirconia to best represent the style (not quality) of the IUIGA Solitaire.Interested consumers will select their preferred options online, and have it sent to their doorstep for free via insured next-day delivery.

This way, consumers can make proper considerations in the comfort of their couch. If you are a man planning to propose, imagine how such an intimate setting away from the pressure of a sales consultant can open up more meaningful discussions with your partner regarding budget and preferences. Similarly, for women, a diamond ring is an equally significant buy deserving of your own time and space to decide upon. And while understanding how a diamond's four C's may affect its overall quality and price tag is important, what most modern consumers genuinely value these days is a simply-brilliant ring at a reasonable price point .


While fine jewellery are conventionally bought in-person, IUIGA believes that the future of diamond ring shopping is online. As Singapore's very-first to initiate a home try-on experience for diamond rings, the brand has gone a step further in ensuring they value-add in more ways than in transparent pricing. For the uninitiated, trying to learn about diamonds and what their four C's entail can be akin to opening a can of worms.

On IUIGA Solitaire's microsite, key details are broken down into bite-sized information so everyday consumers with no prior knowledge on diamonds can educate themselves without breaking a sweat. With this handy resource, consumers are empowered to take their learning into their own hands, and make informed decisions when they purchase diamond rings in future. They can also better determine the diamond quality and value that IUIGA offers for themselves.


IUIGA's diamond rings are available exclusively online from 29 April 2019 here , with the complimentary home try-on here . For more information about the brand, kindly visit .


For more information about the diamond rings, refer to Appendix A: Product Specifications.


For high-res images, kindly downloa d here .


The IUIGA Solitaire is a contemporary testament to timeless simplicity. The classic six-prong setting catches light perfectly, and scintillates a lasting brilliance. The round brilliant-cut diamond and elegant lines accentuate a vision of progressive harmony. All IUIGA Solitaire diamond rings are made-to-order, and takes approximately 40 working days.


  • Stunning Six-Prong Design
As one of the most timeless designs, the six-prong represents the six pillars of everlasting love: loyalty, tolerance, responsibility, commitment, care and concern. The slim prongs securely support the diamond and reflect a simplicity that is truly stunning.

  • Crowning Glory
The slender crown silhouette in a polished finish showcases an exposed profile, giving center stage to the diamond's brilliance and shine.

  • Perfect Handcrafted Quality & Fit
All IUIGA Solitaire diamond rings are made-to-order with a handcrafted dedication to promise an enduring quality and perfect fit.


  • Diamond Shape: Round/Brilliant
  • Metal Work: Platinum
  • Total Weight: Approximately 2.05g
  • Carat Weights: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 carats


  • Ring Setting and Design: Six-Prong Solitaire
  • Diamond Grade: 1-1.1ct
  • Cut Grade: Very Good
  • Clarity Grade: VS-SI-P
  • Colour Grade: Very Good


  • Diamond Certification: CTI/IGI
*Optional certification service is provided by IUIGA at SGD 300; certification duration will take up to seven working days.



IUIGA was born from the pursuit of true quality. Co-founded by f ive friends in 2017, the brand's products are thoughtfully hand-picked from some of the world's best, undiscovered manufacturers under their Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) business model. As an omni-channel retailer, IUIGA promises well-designed products at consumer-inclusive price points. By working closely with the manufacturers, the brand opens up opportunities to sell directly to consumers without incurring unnecessary costs by going through middlemen.

With radical transparency as modus operandi, IUIGA leads the honest pricing revolution to  ultimately empower consumers with products that match form and function, with uncompromised  quality and affordability -- because, from one consumer to another, why pay so much for quality?

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