Zhenai.com Ranked Among Top Five Dating Apps Evaluated By Qimai Technology

SINGAPORE -  Media OutReach  - 23 April 2019 -   According to a recent report published by Qimai Technology, the dating app Zhenai.com is ranked 5th on the list of top social networking apps and the 15th in the social networking category of the App Store.

Zhenai.com has been consistently among the top 20th dating apps in the social networking category for a whole month, and now the app is leading the pack in the dating industry. Qimai Technology, a pioneer in the field of mobile growth, recently published a report which revealed that Zhenai.com has emerged as one of the top five social networking apps. In the Mobile App Top 1000 list released by Analysys Yiguan in February 2019, Zhenai.com was the top 1 in online dating industry, with 5.4 million active users of and a month-on-month growth of more than 20.68%.

According to Zhenai.com owners, the number of singles of the post-90s generation is now 43%, while the post-80s is 36%. The post-90s has become the main population of blind date. Zhenai.com has published 49 updates to the app since July 2017.  The updates focus on enhancing interaction between users and providing more opportunities for self-expression on the platform. In addition, Zhenai.com has published innovative features like 1-on-1 live stream, multi-screen live stream, short video, status section and "spiritual horizon" test and so on, which allows users to better understand each other's attitude towards marriage, thoughts, personality and other real multidimensional aspects.

With 14 years of experience in dating and matchmaking services, Zhenai.com has created a variety of scenes such as VR area, baking area, leather area, tea room, board game area, music area, sports area, assessment area and so on. The dating system allows young people to choose the scenes according to their preferences. With the face recognition technology of the offline store, the system intelligently identifies the members whose identity information does not match, which greatly enhances the reliability of the matchmaking service. Up to now, there are 68 offline interactive experience-style stores of Zhenai.com, covering 41 cities across the country.

Quick adaption to the changes of the user environment, up-to-date with social innovations and brand new upgraded scenario-based and intelligent experience have help Zhenai.com attract young people's attention and create a new pattern in online dating industry, the developers revealed.