Couple's design choices give Pasir Ris EC home simple yet chic look

Tucked in a peaceful corner of Pasir Ris, Watercolours is a resort-like executive condominium, which Ray and his wife Ivah call home. The 969 sq. ft. condo unit is made cosier, thanks to the couple's design choices.

Check out their beautiful home here:

Living Room

Behind the TV console is a black feature wall-a daring move but it reaps a striking reward as it creates high visual contrast, especially when watching television programs.

The wood-accented TV console plays to the strength of other furniture pieces with its iron lattice grills. It's also on castor wheels for easy mobility!

Dining Area

Ray and Ivah made a conscious decision to employ clean lines in their design. A hand-laid and whitewashed brick wall compliments the Korean wall covering in industrial plate motifs on the other side. Floating shelves housing the couple's knick knacks provide a personal and loving touch to the industrial-style brick wall.

A black-and-red colour combo is a great choice for the dining area. Look at how stylish those hanging lights are! Photos of the couples framed in different sizes add more charm to this area.

A timber cabinet with wrought iron trimmings serves as a good conversation piece in the dining area. It has heavy duty castor wheels that allow the couple to move it around easily.



Walking down the hallway of the unit will reveal yet another timber-lined feature wall with soft cove lighting-only this time, it is a concealed entrance to the master bedroom. The owners have a penchant for collecting fridge magnets from their travels, and what better way to keep the hobby alive than with a steel board display in black.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is extended with a well-appointed walk-in wardrobe that is divided into his and hers segments. A metal-framed glass sliding door separates the wardrobe area and the bedroom proper. This walk-in wardrobe features custom carpentry that suits the couple's lifestyle needs. The floor-to-ceiling full-length mirror visually enlarges this space.

Kid's Room

As far as future planning goes, Ray and his wife Ivah go the extra mile. The future kid's room features a spacious platform bed with concealed storage underneath. In the meantime, it's used as a guest room for family and friends.

Renovation Details

Type of property: Executive condominium

Total space: 969 square feet

Budget: $50,000

Interior designer: Artrend Design

Time to complete works: 6 weeks

Lessons from this home

- Consider your lifestyle and daily processes. They allowed the interior designer to give them options that addressed their needs.

- Think mobility in furniture. Having furniture pieces with castor wheels allow you to change your room's layout any time and also makes for easier housekeeping.

- Consider sliding doors. A well-made sliding door will last just as long as a hinged one, and it saves space that is needed for a swing area.

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