Crocodile tail 'the tastiest part'

DARWIN, Australia - It is believed that Australia's Northern Territory is home to some of the most primitive species of nature.

Darwin, the largest city in the territory, is known for its crocodile meat dishes.

Crocodile dishes are very popular in Tim's Surf 'n' Turf, a restaurant that only uses ingredients produced in Australia.

According to the restaurant's manager, Leeann Valentine, 45, special permission is required to purchase crocodile meat.

On the recommendation of Valentine, who said crocodile tail is the best meat because it contains less fat than the body, I ordered "Crocodile Taste."

The batter-fried tail meat cost 15 Australian dollars (S$15.85) and offered a taste and texture that were impressively similar to chicken.

Cutlet-like "Crocodile Schnitzel," which costs 28 Australian dollars, was also delicious with sweet chili sauce.

Ikeda is a correspondent in Jakarta.