Customer disgusted by sight of cockroaches in stall at Bedok Mall

SINGAPORE - A shopper at Bedok Mall did not expect to see cockroaches scuttling around when she ordered some tutu kueh from a stall at the shopping centre last Friday (Dec 19), at about 7.50pm .

She said that even after she told the tutu kueh stall owner about the insects, nothing was done.

Said the customer, Ms Koh: "On Dec 19, at about 7.50pm, we were buying tutu kueh from a store at the newly opened Bedok Mall.

"Found two insects running outside the store.

"We told the woman working at the store, but she did not take any action saying that we had already taken photographs.

"She continued to let the insects run outside the store during the time we were waiting for the tutu kueh to be done, and made payment."

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