Customers unhappy with service in Yangzhou restaurant order 37 bowls of noodles as revenge

After dealing with horrible service at a restaurant in Yangzhou, these customers exacted their revenge the best way they knew how: ordering a lot of food and letting it go cold.

A man surnamed Li posted an image of the 37-bowl spread on his Weibo account, and the story has since gone viral. Li was visiting Yangzhou with some friends when they decided to go to a restaurant near the hotel.

They ordered three bowls of noodles and two bowls of dumplings, one of which never arrived at the table. The customers repeatedly asked their waitress about the order, but it never came.

After several minutes of waiting, she told them that they were out of dumplings. Strangely enough, she refused to take the item off of the bill, reported ifeng and Shanghaiist.

Furious, Li's friend returned to the restaurant soon after they left. "We thought he was going to stir up trouble, so we tried to stop him," Li said. Instead, his friend simply asked for 30 bowls of pickled pork noodles.

The waitress said they could make him 30 bowls of another kind of noodle dish, and Li's friend agreed. Another waitress then told them that they had enough for seven bowls of the pickled pork noodle dish. He agreed to that as well.

After all 37 noodle dishes were brought to the table, the disgruntled customers only stared at the dishes-the nightmare of any cook. According to a worker at the restaurant, the case had actually occurred a month ago and has since been "resolved".

It's unclear whether the group paid for the table of noodles.

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