Cyber-attacks to be stronger in 2014

MANILA - Stronger attacks on the cyberspace should be expected in 2014 with major data breaches to happen every month and advanced mobile banking attacks to raise, a report said.

"Blurring Boundaries: Trend Micro Security Predictions for 2014 and Beyond" also highlighted threats on various websites, and the emerging security challenges Internet of Everything, uniquely identifiable objects that are Internet-like structures, and Deep Web, a World Wide Web content that is not part of the Surface Web or items that can be searched using search engines.

The report pointed out that cybercriminal activities are becoming more difficult to track and complex to solve, as evident of the hacked local government websites.

Filipino netizens' computers are still under threat from old viruses like the DOWNAD/Conficker worm, file infectors and adware that are still rampantly infecting units.

With old and new threats impending to infiltrate computer units in the country, the report urged Filipino computer users to improve cyber defences and secure information better.

"We see the sophistication of threats expanding at a rapid pace, which will impact individuals, businesses and governments alike," Raimund Genes, Trend Micro Chief Technology Officer, said.

According to the report, malicious applications for the Android system will reach three million and mobile banking will be compromised through Man-in-the-Middle attacks, an online attack where the attacker monitors messages between two people, which will make two-step verifications invaluable.

And the Deep Web will continue to thwart the efforts of law enforcement to address cybercrime.