DBS to hire 200 fresh grads and diploma holders

PHOTO: DBS to hire 200 fresh grads and diploma holders

DBS Bank will be hiring 200 fresh graduates and polytechnic diploma holders as it steps up in-house training to groom staff as part of a strategy to attract and retain talent.

The bank aims to recruit more than 200 graduates for the six programmes combined this year, said DBS spokeswoman Edna Koh.

"Of this, about 80 new graduates will join the management associate programme and graduate associate programme for technology & operations, while another 120 will join the four new programmes," she said.

The four new programmes are part of the bank's plan to building a strong pipeline of banking talent in Singapore, DBS said in a statement. The programmes, aimed at diploma and degree holders who have graduated recently, will groom people aspiring to build careers in retail banking, small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) banking, and customer service.

The new graduates can look forward to accelerated training, job rotations, networking sessions and mentoring from senior leaders, the bank said. Selected candidates can also expect opportunities to grow through the bank's internal mobility programmes across businesses and geographies.

Ms Koh said the candidates for the programmes will be on a fast track. Typically, banks annually hire a small group of graduates they regard as an elite core which then goes on to form its top ranks.

"The management associate programme and graduate associate programmes are broad-based development programmes designed for high-potential individuals who have a passion to build successful careers in DBS," she said.

They join as analysts and will have a fast-track development trajectory, she said, adding that progress within the organisation is dependent on individual performance.

Said Sim S Lim, country head of DBS Singapore: "The four talent development programmes we have created are in areas of key strategic importance to us. DBS is a leading player both in consumer and SME banking, and we are also committed to Asian service standards of being respectful, easy to deal with and dependable."

Added Lee Yan Hong, DBS group head of human resources: "Banking is a popular career choice for many, and with the growth potential and dynamism of Asia, there is keen interest to join an organisation like DBS, which is expanding rapidly in the region.

"Given our belief in the importance of growing our own timber and goal to be the university of talent in banking, we feel it is timely to grow our pool of emerging talent and provide greater opportunities for promising individuals to start banking careers on a strong foundation."

The bank's existing management associate programme and graduate associate programme for technology & operations collectively received more than 7,000 applications last year.

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