Dead cat hanging from lamppost one of many animal abuse cases in Malaysia

KLANG - The case of a cat strung-up by its back paws and tied to a lamppost in Taman Klang Jaya is not the only incident of animal abuse reported in the last few weeks.

Last Saturday in Taman Impian, Skudai, Johor Baru, a four-month-old kitten was reported to have been cut in two.

A resident, who fed the kitten and other street animals in the neighbourhood, told The Star she was shocked when she discovered the cat's carcass.

"It was a cruel and brutal thing to do. Who would have the heart to do something like this to a defenceless animal?" said the woman who only wanted to be identified as Ann.

Ann said she had received a note in her post box warning her not to feed the animals in the area just before she found the dead kitten near her house.

On Tuesday, a street dog in the Jalan Kuchai Lama area was slashed in the neck.

The dog, called Candle by residents in the area, bled to death from the cut.

The incident in Klang on Wednesday came to light after Taman Klang Jaya resident Wong Che Wey, 32, who found the cat hanging from the post outside his house, posted about it on Facebook.

The engineer later said that the cat was being fed by several families in the area and had littered four kittens a few days earlier.

"One of my neighbours had given the cat a place to give birth in her car porch and she is taking care of the kittens now," said Wong, adding that the kittens were being fed with a syringe.

Wong's wife, geophysicist Cheng Yee Leng, 32, cut the cat down from the lamppost and the couple buried it in the same area.