11 must-have gadgets for your next vacation

Before you take off for your holiday, make sure you arm yourself with some essential travel gadgets.

We've chosen 11 must-have gadgets for four of the most popular holiday breaks, each hand-picked for you to get the most out of your vacation. 

From sightseeing tours, city breaks, rest & relaxation, or outdoor adventures, there are unique gadgets tailored just for the activity you have in mind.

For example, having gadgets to stay connected is crucial in navigating a city filled with Wi-Fi spots and skyscrapers.

Or how about visiting historical landmarks while on a sightseeing tour? A DSLR will come in handy.

Travellers seeking that adrenaline-rush will want to pack some hardy-gadgets that can withstand harsh environments, while you may want to splurge on high-end gadgets if you are looking to rest and relax.

Select your ideal trip below and see which are the 11 essential gadgets to pack!


                         City breaks                                             Outdoor adventures


                    Rest & relaxation                                          Sightseeing tours


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