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8 things you didn't know about the Deep Web
Trend Micro compared the Deep Web to a subterranean mining operation. Anything above ground is part of the “searchable Internet” while anything below is part of the Deep Web. Photo: Trend Micro
PHOTO: Trend Micro

4. Stalking on Cloudnine: Attackers and sometimes even insiders, often dox (the act of researching and broadcasting an individual's personally identifiable information such as dates of birth, social security numbers, personal email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses, and more) of companies, celebrities, and other public figures. One site-Cloudnine-lists possible dox information for public figures including FBI agents, political figures, US senators, and celebrities.

5. Hire a hitman? Assassination services for hire can also be found in the Deep Web, with prices varying based on the preferred manner of death or injury and the target's status.

6. Surface ties: There are ties between the Deep Web and the "surface web" we all use every day, with more than 25 per cent of ties between the Deep Web and surface web sites analysed are for purposes of child exploitation and pornography.

7. Match-made in malware heaven: The Deep Web can host command-and-control infrastructure for malware. The hidden nature of sites like TOR and 12P and other services makes it easy to host and hide malware controlling servers on the Deep Web. One such malware is CryptoLocker, a ransomware which encrypts victims' personal documents before redirecting them to a site where they can pay to regain access to their files. It is also smart enough to automatically adjust the payment page to cater to a victim's local language and payment means.

8. Law enforcement struggles: Law enforcement agencies face a tough job when it comes to the Deep Web as everything is encrypted, determination of attribution is difficult, and constant fluctuations make it hard to track.


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