Amazon might have accidentally leaked the PlayStation 5's release date and price


Is it true? Did Amazon France really let slip the PlayStation 5's release date and price by mistake? Perhaps. But then again, they could just have been placeholder values.

Here's what happened. A concept designer and tech content creator named Ben Geskin had been browsing through the Amazon France website when he inadvertently came across a listing for Sony's ultra-hyped next-gen console.

Intrigued, he clicked into it and found that the post supposedly contained details on the device's release date and price.

Although the information regarding the release date and price has since been removed from the website listing, we know as much as we do because Geskin had already taken a few screenshots and uploaded them onto social media. Not all heroes wear capes, it seems.

Anyway, based on those screenshots, the Standard Edition PS5 is said to cost €499 EUR (S$782 ) while the Digital Edition (which is the slimmer variant without the disk drive costs around €399 EUR.

More importantly, the release date was listed as November 20, 2020, which is entirely possible considering Sony has already told us the PS5 would drop sometime during "Holiday 2020".

Still, like any other leak, it's best to take this with a really big pinch of salt. But feel free to go ahead and be excited, because if this information is, in fact, legitimate, the PlayStation 5 is actually a LOT less pricey than what many of us were led to believe.

After all, with all the features and hardware that Sony revealed for the console last week, it wouldn't have been surprising to see a price tag close to the four-digit mark.

This article was first published in Hardware Zone