Apple fan shares massive archive of company's promo materials dating from the '70s

Are you an Apple fan? Or more precisely, are you a big enough Apple fan to painstakingly curate a catalogue of Apple's promotional materials all the way from the 1970s up until now?

Well, Sam Henri Gold is.

As reported by The Verge, the graphic designer has created a Google Drive folder which contains hundreds of pictures and videos produced by the tech giant in the last five decades, mostly TV and print advertisements, product photos and promo shots.

It is quite a nostalgic trip for Apple fans who want to see the progression the company has made, besides technology wise, over the years.

Gold shared that he has been collecting the materials for a few years now, and even joked that he is expecting a "cease and desist" call from Apple real soon.

The Drive is methodically sectioned according to decades, and in each folder there are more segments ranging from reviews, ads and other materials pertaining to the iTunes store, iPad, iPhones, Macs and more.

Fans can easily spend hours browsing through the catalogue, so perhaps you want to do it when the boss is not around?